Wilderness Hotel Inari & igloo 2023

Wilderness Hotel Inari & igloo

Wilderness Hotel Inari & Igloos, Inari – Updated 2023 Prices

Wilderness Hotel Inari is the perfect accommodation option for travelers looking to see the Northern Lights. Located in Inari, Finland, this hotel offers a unique igloo accommodation option known as the Aurora Cabin, which boasts breathtaking views of the Aurora Borealis. Situated by Lake Inari, guests can enjoy a range of winter activities, including snowmobiling and husky sledding. With fantastic deals and positive traveler reviews, booking a stay at Wilderness Hotel Inari is a must for anyone wanting to experience the beauty of the Northern Lights.

Accommodations at Wilderness Hotel Inari

Wilderness Hotel Inari offers a range of comfortable and stylish accommodations, from cozy log cabins to spacious hotel rooms. All of the rooms are designed to reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, with warm wood tones, traditional Finnish textiles, and plenty of natural light.


Whether you choose a cozy Standard Room, a spacious Deluxe Room, or a private log cabin, you’ll enjoy a range of modern amenities, including free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. Some of the cabins even come with their private sauna, so you can relax and unwind after a long day of exploring.

Dining at Wilderness Hotel Inari

At Wilderness Hotel Inari, you’ll enjoy some of the finest dinings in Lapland, with a range of delicious local and international dishes to choose from. The hotel’s restaurant, Aanaar, is renowned for its focus on local and seasonal ingredients, including fresh fish from Lake Inari and reindeer meat from nearby farms.

Activities at Wilderness Hotel Inari:

If you want to explore the woods on foot, by snowmobile, or on a reindeer sled, Wilderness Hotel Inari has many activities available. The hotel provides a variety of activities and guided tours, such as:

Snowshoeing, hunting the northern lights

Skiing in the mountains

Arctic fishing

A husky sled ride

Rudolph sledding

BMX riding

Kayaking and canoeing

Whatever your hobbies, Wilderness Hotel Inari is sure to have something for you to do. And you can be confident that you’ll have a safe and pleasurable trip Thanks to knowledgeable guides and top-notch equipment.

Cultural Experiences at Wilderness Hotel Inari

The Wilderness Hotel Inari also provides a variety of cultural events where guests may learn more about the distinctive culture and customs of Lapland. These encounters consist of:

Traditional Sámi reindeer farms may be visited.

Handicraft studios for the Sami

tastings of Sámi cuisine

Getting to Wilderness Hotel Inari

Due to its location in a remote corner of Lapland, getting to Wilderness Hotel Inari is an experience in and of itself. Nonetheless, there are various ways for visitors to get to the hotel:

Via Air: Ivalo Airport, which is around 45 minutes distant from the hotel, is the closest airport to Wilderness Hotel Inari. Several airlines, notably Finnair and Norwegian, fly frequently to and from Ivalo Airport for Helsinki and other significant European cities.

Via Car: Visitors may also get to the hotel by automobile, either by picking up a vehicle at the Ivalo Airport or by taking the road from another location in Lapland. every damn day. That’s what I’m talking about.

Bus: Regular bus services run from Ivalo to Inari, the hotel’s closest town, for guests who prefer public transportation. Visitors can arrange for a shuttle or cab to transport them from Inari to the hotel.

Inari does not have a direct train line, but visitors may take a train to Rovaniemi, the Lapland region’s capital, and then take a bus or a cab to the hotel.

No matter how visitors choose to get to the Wilderness Hotel Inari, they can count on being met by the stunning landscape of Lapland and the welcoming personnel.

What is the best time to visit Wilderness Hotel Inari?

The ideal time to go to Wilderness Hotel Inari primarily depends on what visitors want to do while they’re there. Here are some of the aspects to consider while organizing a trip:

Winter: Due to Lapland’s transformation into a winter wonderland, winter is a popular season to visit Wilderness Hotel Inari. Visitors may engage in a variety of wintertime pursuits, including dog sledding, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and, of course, watching the breathtaking Northern Lights. The peak period of the winter season, which lasts from mid-December to mid-January, is from December to March.

Spring: With temperatures beginning to warm up and the snow beginning to melt, spring is a transitional season in Lapland. Snowshoeing and other winter sports like skiing are still wonderful options because there is still a lot of snow on the ground. An excellent time to go birding and learn about the local culture is in the spring. April through May are considered the spring months.

The midnight sun makes summer in Lapland a particularly wonderful season, with limitless sunshine. Visitors may go hiking, fishing, kayaking, and touring the nearby reindeer farms. The summer months are June through August.

Fall: October is a calmer period in Lapland, but it has its own particular beauty with the changing colors of the leaves and the aurora borealis starting to show. Hiking, gathering berries, and visiting the nearby Sami settlements are among the activities available to visitors. September through November are considered the autumnal months.

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