Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland, 2023

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort - Interior Designer Antonia Lowe

In Finnish Lapland, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort provides visitors with an unforgettable and charmed arctic experience. The resort is well-known for its famous Glass Igloos, where visitors may relax in warm, snug beds while observing the Northern Lights and the starry sky. The igloos are created to maintain a high standard of comfort and elegance while offering a seamless connection with the natural surroundings. The resort also provides fantastic chances for winter sports and activities including skiing, husky safaris, and snowmobiling. The resort also has classic wooden chalets and the Arctic Snow Hotel, which is made completely of snow and ice each year, in addition to the igloos.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort owner

Jouko and Eva Lappalainen are the proprietors of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. The resort was initially established in 1974, and it has since been extended to become one of the most well-liked vacation spots in Finnish Lapland. The Lappalainens’ dedication to eco-friendly tourism and maintaining the Arctic region’s natural beauty is evident in the resort’s layout and management. They still manage the resort today, making certain that each visitor enjoys a unique adventure in the arctic environment.

The rooms

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers visitors a selection of unusual and inviting lodgings. Glass igloos, which provide visitors with breathtaking views of the Arctic night sky and the Northern Lights, are the most well-known and well-liked. The resort also has kelo-glass igloos, which fuse contemporary comforts like glass walls with classic Finnish log homes. The resort also offers opulent queen suites and honeymoon rooms in addition to classic log cabins and chalets. All of the rooms have facilities like private saunas, fireplaces, and free Wi-Fi to provide visitors with a cozy and unforgettable Arctic experience.


A variety of amenities are available at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort to improve visitors’ experiences in the Arctic. The resort features several restaurants providing both foreign and traditional Finnish food. The resort has a traditional Finnish sauna and a smoke sauna for relaxation, both of which provide a genuine Finnish experience. Free parking, a gift store, and free Wi-Fi are all provided. The resort also offers a variety of activities, including ice fishing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and reindeer sleigh rides, to name a few. There is something for everyone at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, whether visitors are seeking excitement or tranquility.

Activities at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Visitors may participate in a variety of activities at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort to get a taste of the arctic wilderness. Visitors may do ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, reindeer sleigh rides, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and Northern Lights trips throughout the winter. Visitors may go hiking, fishing, canoeing, and mountain biking in the summer. The resort also provides a variety of seminars, including classes in Arctic photography and traditional Finnish handicrafts, as well as cultural encounters including trips to reindeer farms and encounters with the Sámi people.

Dining Experience at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Visitors may enjoy a special dining experience at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, which serves both international and traditional Finnish food. There are several dining options in the resort, including the renowned Kelo restaurant, which is fully constructed out of traditional Finnish pine logs. Several different Finnish specialties, including reindeer stew, salmon soup, and smoked fish, are offered at the Kelo restaurant. The Arctic Bistro and the West Village Aurora restaurant are two more eateries at the resort that provide a more laid-back eating experience. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers both formal and informal eating options, so there is something for everyone.

Is Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort suitable for families with children?

Absolutely, families with children are welcome at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. Traditional log cabins, as well as bigger chalets and suites, are just a few of the amenities the resort has to offer to accommodate families of all sizes. In addition, the resort offers family-friendly activities including husky farm tours, snowshoeing, and reindeer sleigh rides. The resort also features a kids’ club where kids may participate in supervised activities including crafts, games, and movie nights. Children’s menus and high chairs are also available at the resort’s restaurants for younger visitors. Families seeking a distinctive and unforgettable Arctic experience might consider visiting Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, which offers a variety of family-friendly lodging options and activities.

Is the Resort pet-friendly?

Pets are not permitted at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, except for certified service animals. This rule is in place to guarantee everyone’s security and comfort and to protect the environment around the resort. For visitors who are taking their pets with them, the resort may give them information about local kennels and pet care facilities.

How to Get to Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Getting to the resort is simple by automobile or by plane. Ivalo Airport, which is about 30 minutes drive from the resort, is the closest. Direct flights are available from Helsinki, the Finnish capital, to the airport. Also available is a 13-hour trip by car from Helsinki to the resort. The journey is beautiful and offers a chance to see the Finnish countryside.

Check-in and check-out time

The hotel’s rules may affect the resort’s check-in and check-out timings. Check-in time is often in the late afternoon, around 3 or 4 pm, and check-out time is in the early morning, around 10 or 11 am. Nevertheless, certain hotels may offer check-in and check-out times that are sooner or later. It’s usually a good idea to get the hotel’s particular check-in and check-out timings straight from them.

Does the resort supply transit to the airport?

Yes, for an extra price, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers airport shuttles. The resort’s closest airport, Ivalo Airport, is around 30 minutes away by automobile and offers transfers from there. By getting in touch with the resort’s reception, visitors may schedule the transfer in advance. The resort’s employees will greet visitors at the airport and help them with their luggage as part of the transfer service, which is offered for both check-in and check-out.

Can I see the Northern Lights from Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort?

Indeed, especially in the wintertime when the evenings are longer and darker when it is possible to view the Northern Lights. The resort is in a region of Finland noted for its pristine skies and little light pollution, making it the perfect place to see the aurora borealis. The resort also provides a variety of Northern Lights-related activities, such as Aurora hunting trips where visitors may go out in search of the finest viewing locations with an expert guide. The glass igloos at the resort provide a special chance to see the Northern Lights while staying in your hotel. In general, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is a fantastic place to go if you want to see the magnificent natural phenomena known as the Northern Lights.

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