Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Lapland, Finland

Arctic Treehouse Hotel

Sleep in the Arctic treehouse under the Northern Lights - Find Elly

The Arctic Treehouse Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland offers a unique accommodation experience amid an Arctic forest. With 32 treehouse cabins and stunning views of the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun, this hotel is perfect for those seeking a magical and unforgettable stay. Located near the Santa Claus Village and Santa Park, guests can explore the world of Santa Claus while enjoying the hotel’s modern amenities such as a sauna and outdoor hot tub.

Phone number: +358 50 517 6909

Arctic Treehouse Hotel owner

The Arctic Hospitality Group, a Finnish business that specializes in offering distinctive hospitality experiences in Lapland, is the owner and operator of the Arctic Treehouse Hotel. Since its founding in 2005, the business has grown to encompass several other resorts and hotels in the area. One of their most well-liked establishments is The Arctic Treehouse Hotel, which has won praise for its cutting-edge architecture and breathtaking setting on a global scale.

How many stars does the Arctic Treehouse Hotel have?

It has four stars and is called the Arctic Treehouse Hotel. In a distinctive and lovely environment, it provides first-rate lodging, eating, and facilities in Rovaniemi, Finland. The hotel has established a reputation as one of the best in the area due to its dedication to giving visitors an opulent and comfortable experience while immersing them in the Arctic wilderness. The Arctic Treehouse Hotel provides a one-of-a-kind experience for guests seeking an outstanding stay because of its magnificent design, first-rate service, and excellent location.

The rooms

The accommodations at Arctic Treehouse Hotel are distinctive and created to provide visitors with a special experience. The hotel has 32 separate “treehouses,” or cottages, that are perched above the ground and provide a warm and welcoming getaway amid the Arctic tundra. Modern conveniences like a private toilet and a coffee/tea maker are included in each treehouse, which was thoughtfully created to blend in with its natural surroundings. Large windows in the treehouses provide stunning views of the forest and the Northern Lights.

Activities at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

When staying at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel, guests may participate in a variety of activities. The array of winter activities available to visitors includes ice fishing, husky safaris, and snowmobiling. Visitors may take a Northern Lights tour in the evenings to view the mesmerizing natural phenomena in the night sky. Visitors may go kayaking, cycling, and hiking throughout the summer. Also, the hotel is perfectly positioned next to Santa Claus Village and Santa Park, where visitors may enjoy the wonder of Christmas all year long. After a day of activity, guests may unwind and relax in the hotel’s sauna and outdoor hot tub.


The Arctic Treehouse Hotel offers a range of amenities to ensure visitors have a pleasant and pleasurable stay. After a long day of activity, guests may unwind and relax in the hotel’s sauna and outdoor hot tub. In addition, the hotel has complimentary Internet, a front desk that is open around the clock, and concierge services to help guests with any requirements or inquiries they might have. The hotel has a playground and a kids’ club for guests who are traveling with young children to keep them engaged. Also, the hotel is perfectly positioned next to Santa Claus Village and Santa Park, where visitors may enjoy the wonder of Christmas all year long.

Dining Experience at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

A highlight of each visit is dining at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel. The hotel’s restaurant serves well-prepared and artistically presented food made using local ingredients. A variety of meals that showcase the tastes of Lapland are offered on the menu, including reindeer, Arctic char, and cloudberries. There are also vegan and vegetarian choices.

Large windows that offer breathtaking views of the forest and the night sky are part of the restaurant’s design, which draws inspiration from the arctic environment. It’s the ideal location to enjoy dinner after a long day of activity or to commemorate a particular event because of the warm and inviting ambiance.

Overall, if you’re a foodie or a tourist wishing to sample the distinctive flavors of Lapland in a stunning location, you must try the dining experience at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel.

Is the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel suitable for families with children?

Absolutely, families with children are welcome to stay at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel. The hotel has a variety of family-friendly services and activities, such as a kids’ club and a playground to keep the young ones occupied. Also, the hotel is perfectly positioned next to Santa Claus Village and Santa Park, where kids can enjoy the wonder of Christmas all year long.

The hotel also provides a range of family-friendly accommodation options, including the Arctic Nest Suite, which has a separate bedroom with bunk beds for kids. To make traveling with small children easier, the hotel also offers high chairs and cribs upon request.

Families with kids may have a special and enjoyable time at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel Thanks to its many facilities and entertainment options.

Is the Hotel pet-friendly?

There is no pet policy at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel. While having a reputation for being kind and accommodating, the hotel has a stringent no-pets rule in place to protect the welfare of all visitors. All parts of the hotel, including the lobby, common spaces, and eating areas, are covered by this policy.

How to Get to Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

It is simple to get to the Arctic Treehouse Hotel from Rovaniemi, Finland, via plane, rail, or vehicle. The Rovaniemi Airport is the closest airport to the hotel and is located roughly 3.5 kilometers away. Visitors may travel 10-15 minutes to the hotel from the airport via taxi or shuttle bus. At an extra fee, the hotel also provides a shuttle service for visitors.

The nearest railway station to the hotel, at a distance of around 8 kilometers, is Rovaniemi Train Station. Visitors may travel 15-20 minutes to the hotel from the station via taxi or shuttle bus.

If you’re driving, the hotel is close to the E75 motorway, which links Rovaniemi to other Finnish cities. The motel offers guests free parking.

Overall, the Arctic Treehouse Hotel is a handy location for tourists because it is simple to get there by car, rail, or plane.

Arctic treehouse Hotel check-in and check-out times


The Arctic Treehouse Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland, accepts check-ins any time after 4:00 PM. To request a later check-out time or for more detailed information regarding the check-in and check-out procedure, customers may speak with the hotel directly.

Can I see the Northern Lights from the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel?

The Arctic Treehouse Hotel does provide a view of the Northern Lights. The hotel is situated in the Arctic Circle city of Rovaniemi, Finland, a popular site for watching the Northern Lights. A prime spot for watching the Northern Lights is the hotel’s elevation position in the forest, which offers clear views of the night sky.

The Northern Lights are a natural occurrence, therefore it’s vital to remember that they may be unpredictable. Typically, between September and March, when the evenings are the longest and darkest, is the greatest period to observe the Northern Lights. To allow guests to watch the show outside, the hotel also offers a Northern Lights alarm service that notifies them when the lights are visible.

Overall, witnessing the Northern Lights from the comfort of your accommodation or one of the hotel’s outdoor viewing places is a wonderful option provided by the Arctic Treehouse Hotel.

Does the hotel supply transit to the airport?

Yes, for an extra cost, the Arctic Treehouse Hotel offers transportation to and from the Rovaniemi airport. While booking a reservation or by calling the hotel’s front desk, guests may organize airport transfers.

The distance between the hotel and the airport is roughly 5 kilometers, and the transfer time is about 10 minutes. It is simple and convenient to get to and from the hotel since it utilizes up-to-date, comfortable cars for transportation.

If visitors would rather have greater control over their transportation, they can also make arrangements for a cab or hire a car at the airport.

Overall, the Arctic Treehouse Hotel offers practical transportation choices to make sure that visitors have a simple and delightful experience upon arrival and departure.

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